When it comes to wedding photography, there’s always something for every taste and style! Bohemian, fun, vintage, romantic, elegant, urban, rock’n’roll… As a wedding photographer, I see in each session the opportunity to push the limits to sublimate an unforgettable day. On September 27, I took great pleasure in capturing the wedding of Lenka and Tomas at LUX Le Morne resort. Stunning in her wedding dress , the bride was ready for a day like no other.
A beautiful bride in a sumptuous dress, a dynamic couple, a relaxed atmosphere, an intimate setting, a condensed of positive energy … everything was well thought and perfect. I was captivated by the little details. It is often said that the wedding dress is the key to successful photos. Based on my experience as a photographer, I can assuredly say that it does play an essential role. It attracts not only the attention of others during the ceremony, but it is what first strikes the eye when looking back at the wedding photos.
Lenka’s wedding dress gives a fresh look and unique character to the photos. Her goal when thinking about the dress was to think out of the box and break with the traditional codes. I absolutely love this! Perfect, stunning and original, she did well with combining comfort, innovation and elegance. Towards the end, we could not resist going for the trendy trash the dress session.