It all happened in Roches-Noires on October 20th! Brother and sister, French who originally come from Vietnam, each married their partner on a beautiful day. I like the crazy idea of being a double wedding photographer in Mauritius. For the wedding photographer that I am, it opens up fun possibilities, with beautiful smiles as a bonus. Fun, happy, sunny: it was a beautiful day with a beautiful family, with two couples and their children, all very friendly.

We all want everything to be unique, to bring a personal touch to our wedding day. It is certainly rare to attend a double marriage, but that says double wedding says double seal of romance and beauty. On this occasion, we forgot too classic wedding photos and we preferred personalized photos. We made souvenirs with fun group photos, family photos, bridal portraits and mother-daughter portraits. The emotions, the looks, the gestures were theirs, I only transcribed everything through my vision. Confidence was quickly established with the children of the two Iovely couples. It was a lot of fun to be their photographer. This desire to go further and higher in photographic technique is present at each of my wedding.