Mauritius, a small island in the Indian Ocean is the chosen venue for sweethearts from all over the world to hold their wedding ceremony. Mauritius island offers the visitors a large variety of beautiful sandy beaches and blue lagoons.

Imagine saying “I do” on a white sandy beach of the paradise island of Mauritius: wearing your amazing wedding dress, exchanging your vows and wedding rings, surrounded by guests who have all eyes on you in a musical atmosphere, while your photographer who take advantages of capturing some beautiful souvenir photos.


One of the most important factors is, of course, the budget. It is important to have at least an idea of what you want to spend.


Once we have the budget, we will be able to balance the styles, colours, materials and shapes that fit with our established price.

Here are 3 main designs types

Traditional wedding rings, modest, comfortable, and elegant you can combine them with any jewellery. They are usually with a single row of tiny diamonds-encrusted eternity band. If you prefer something simpler, there are comfort fit and half-turn rings.

Combination design wedding rings are wedding rings that allow for more original shapes. You can find them with cuts or facets on their surface accentuating the brightness of your ring.  In addition, they usually combine several effects taking advantage of the details of the alliance, for example, the bicolour designs or game between matte -gloss finishes.

Half wedding rings their origin come from the French term ‘pavé’, due to the diamonds that are placed on the arm of the ring. These are flat wedding rings in the metal and colour of your choice, with dazzling diamonds set across.


The typical metal for wedding rings is gold. Among the most commonly used materials are:

  • Yellow gold, the traditional classic choice
  • White gold, an ideal choice if you want your ring to have a modern and resistant look.
  • Rose gold. is a very durable metal it does not tarnish and keeps it colour.
  • Silver, its price is not very high, however it is a very soft metal and shows scratches very easily.
  • Platinum, it is more difficult to manufacture and stands out for its white shine and durabiity.
  • Cobalt, is a very resistant material. It has a lower density so it allows a greater variety of designs with stones, glitter and engravings of all kinds.

The couple will decide whether they are going to wear the same rings or not. Their lifestyles or tastes may be different.

Furthermore, you can consider whether you want to combine the wedding ring with the engagement ring to complement each other when they are together. If you want this combination, then both rings should be made of the same metal to achieve a unified look.


Make sure to hire a good wedding photographer to help you capture the best moments. We recommend Elie Bernager the professional photographer in Mauritius.