Mauritius welcomes every year thousands of people who choose to marry in an enchanting setting. Renowned for being paradisiacal because of its picturesque nature and cultural charm, Mauritius is the ideal destination to celebrate a special event such as wedding. The island ranks year after year among the top 20 most romantic destinations and invites to unparalleled well-being. Like so many other married couples, Suzana and Peter chose to marry by the beach in a 100% tropical location: Victoria Beachcomber Hotel, Mauritius. Barefoot, they loved to pose during golden hour and sunset. As the photographer, I had fun playing with the natural light.

In photography, timing often makes all the difference. You have to know how to choose the right moments of the day to take pictures that look like you. I sometimes amuse myself by saying that you have to know how to provoke chance. The golden hour also known as “magic hour” is very much appreciated by wedding photographers. On that day, an hour before sunset, a soft light was invited to the painting. Suzana and Peter were delighted at this photo opportunity.

The hour before sunset presents excellent conditions and opportunities for successful wedding photos. It’s like painting with light.

When soft light and warm color mingle with emotion, the atmosphere is intensely romantic.