You want to get married in Mauritius, what a good idea! In fact, Mauritius is in my opinion one of the best places to get married, especially if you are looking for the intimacy and pleasure of combining wedding and honeymoon. I will be happy to help you find the good wedding package in Mauritius.

It’s been 15 years since I specialized in wedding photography in Mauritius. The best way to get married Mauritius is to choose the right place!

The west coast is the best! Why? The answer is simple: on the West Coast, you will have the privilege of admiring the sunset every evening. And believe me, the best way to end a good day at the beach is to try to glimpse the famous golden ray…

Of course, getting up on the east coast at 5:30 in the morning to see the sun emerge is great, but it’s especially brave!

In addition, if you organize your wedding formula or honeymoon package on the West Coast, you will be protected from the prevailing winds from the East, which in the austral winter can be very violent and deliciously cold (for the exotic places).

Remember that the days are relatively short. The sun sets around 7 pm in the middle of the austral summer, and around 6 pm in the winter (June, July, August).

Go get a wedding package at a hotel on the West Coast.