Portraits of the bride and groom, exchange of vows, sunset photos, first dance, festive evening, family photos … capturing key moments is the goal of any wedding photographer. My job is not limited to capturing the emotion of the newlyweds, but also the joy and the movements of the guests. Wedding photography has evolved greatly in recent years, but if there is one aspect or tradition that has not really changed, it is family portrait. How to optimize your family portraits during your wedding? Here are some tips.

Family portraits: a real treasure

Group photos or family portraits can quickly become a stressful moment. Gathering everyone is sometimes a real headache, especially if there is no prior discussion with the photographer. It is important to make a list of photos that you want and talk about it to your photographer. It is also essential to talk to your fiancé to agree on the family portraits to have in your wedding album, because for one they can be limited to parents, brothers and sisters and for the other family portraits also include cousins.

At a wedding, the most popular people found in family portraits are:

– Bride’s immediate family (parents, brothers, sisters)

– Extended family of the bride (grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins)

– Parents of the bride

– Groom’s immediate family

– Extended family of the groom

– Parents of the groom

– Parents of the groom and the bride

Listen to your heart! After all, family portraits are treasures that will accompany you throughout your life.