What a pleasure it was to have Petra and Lukas back for their vow renewal celebration ! I was their wedding photographer several years back and they have chosen to come to me to be the photographer for their renewal of vows. I’m pretty proud and happy about it! They are back with their two adorable daughters and they decided to mark the occasion at Dinarobin Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa!

Nothing forbids marrying a second time with the same person. This time, to Petra and Lukas, the ceremony all happened in a private and intimate ceremony. The day of the ceremony, the weather was rainy and we needed and wanted more sunny photos. So, I came back a few days later to redo sunny images, which perfectly reflect this beautiful little family.

Seeing their parents remarry, wearing a nice dress – it was a wonderful time for these two little girls. They have been very dynamic and their good humor sparkled the day and made it full of sweetness. Beautiful bonds!

These pictures reflect perfectly the emotions of this photo shoot. Classy, romantic, filled with love, festive atmosphere despite the grey weather! The photographer that I am absolutely loves family portraits. I have put all my energy and my passion to tell the story of this day through the photos.

P.S: I managed to take a selfie with them !