Introduced by John Michael Cooper, a wedding photographer in Las Vegas, trash the dress is a new concept which involves a lot of fun. Newlyweds are now taking their wedding photo shoot to a new level with the trash the dress trend. If some brides prefer to preserve their gown after their big day, some prefer to take the challenge and a totally different approach for the sake of adding dramatic photos to their album. This style of wedding photography involves damaging the dress and going against the elegant and traditional style. It is recommended to have such shoot when the stress of the wedding day is over. As a beach wedding photographer, I absolutely love this concept which allows brides to simply relax and wear their wedding outfit for original photos. For me, it’s a great opportunity to let the creativity flow.

Different approches to the trash the dress photo shoot

Known to be an adventurous photo shoot, the trash the dress photography brings the newlyweds into an unexpected setting. Some choose the subtle approach while others want a complete destroyed version of their dress and plunge all the way into the fun. This fearless approach results in magnificent photos.

I came across some brides who prefer to play around with creative ideas while maintaining the beauty of the dress and others who choose quite special ways to trash their dress. It goes from paint to mud, wine, wedding cake, changing greasy car tires or swim.

It takes a lot of bravery and an experienced wedding photographer to go for such wedding shoots. It is important to discuss about it with your photographer before the wedding and decide how much you want your dress destroy. It does not have to be completely ruined. Some only choose to walk in sea water. Together, you can hit the web for inspiration.

Would you consider same for your wedding ? One thing you have to remember: it’s a whole lot of fun and it brings originality to your wedding album. You will look back and smile.


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