It was a sweet mauritius wedding and a photo session full of tenderness, complicity and love in the enchanting setting of Tamassa hotel. What I particularly liked about the wedding of Kristina and Jakub is the overflowing happiness of this sunny and windy day. When nature mingles with wedding photography, it gives beautiful graphic images with beautiful movements in the wedding dress. The wedding of Kristina and Jakub was just like them: extremely sweet.

I enjoyed being in the heart of the sublime scenery of Tamassa hotel to photograph these beautiful newlyweds. The photographer that I am did not fail to add some memorable portraits to this special day.  When it comes to wedding photography, bridal portraits are my favorite because they perfectly translate the authentic emotions of a beautiful day. I admire the spontaneity of these newlyweds who have given their all to make this fun and romantic photo session a success.

When it comes to photography, timing often makes all the difference. That very day, I had fun playing with the natural light. The golden hour (about an hour before sunset) gathered excellent conditions for romantic wedding photos. It was like painting with light.

I invite you to live this beautiful day in photos!

P.S: You will notice the natural elegance of Kristina and Jakub.