Here’s a little retrospective on the wedding that I had the pleasure of photographing last week. Alyss and Andy said yes at LUX * Le Morne hotel on November 14th. An exotic chic wedding under the sign of romance, in a joyous mood that I particularly liked.

When it comes to wedding photos, it’s all about charm, spontaneity and story. I put a lot of emphasis on the natural, the authentic and the emotion. I take pleasure in getting away from traditional clichés, because the goal is to capture the moments of a special day and bring back emotions after the wedding. The day goes so fast and the photos are often all that remains the next day.

A dynamic couple, an exceptional setting, a romantic and joyful chic atmosphere only resulted in a successful photo report with images in which emotion is constant. If you follow my blog, you will notice that I love photographing weddings at the LUX * Le Morne hotel. This place with exceptional panorama offers beautiful scenery for wedding photos. Its beach, its soft light, its exotic charm … every detail is there to embellish the photos in a natural way. I keep an excellent memory of this day; a real moment of happiness for the bride and groom and the wedding photographer.