Tomas and Anna got married at Victoria hotel on March 2. They were smart and stylish; their tropical wedding became a chilled and tropicool wedding. I was a happy photographer! The princess dress and the high heels were replaced by a smart casual wedding dress and sneakers. The old good traditions were put aside. After all, it’s not because we’re getting ready for a new life, that we have to stop being ourselves! For their chilled wedding at Victoria Hotel Mauritius, the newlyweds had chosen to stay simple on a sunny beach, far from the busy cities and the stress of everyday life.
When under the Mauritian sun, we are bound to forget about a classic wedding. Despite the sneakers and the smart casual clothing, the wedding was still outstanding and chic. Tomas, Anna and I got along very well. We had the same vision about the photos we would like. I love seeing my clients having a lot of fun and enjoy their moment in their own special way. We had a lot of ideas popping up and we were excited about putting them together to make an exceptional photo. We were at some point wandering in the garden of the hotel, we then went to the beach and in the sea water capturing pictures that reflect their personalities. Getting married at a time where sneakers are an absolute craze brings added value to the wedding photos. Anna will agree with me – they are also more comfy.
To add to this fun and convivial atmosphere, family and friends joined in to bring some madness to the wedding photos. I wish a lot of happiness to this beautiful couple!