You want to organize your wedding in Mauritius (even if your friends and relatives do not share the same excitement …) You are making the right choice for a destination wedding!

Mauritius is certainly the best place in the world to organize your wedding.
Why is this the case? Because the beaches are stunning, the hotels beautiful and very well organized for weddings, the independent wedding planner very effective. In addition, makeup artists have the talent to turn you into a princess in record time (count about 90 minutes), florists are very skilled (they can create for you all kinds of floral decorations and are masters in the art of wedding bouquets).

Finally, the photographers are pretty good, and excellent at making very conventional images. I advise you to organize your own photoshooting, with the photographer of your choice. By blending your desires to photography style, he will organize for you the best photo shoot.

You can ask the hotels or your independent wedding planner to choose a venue for the wedding ceremony. If the hotel organizes your ceremony, it is by far the simplest and most practical solution. If you have rented a villa, a wedding planner will organize everything for you.

Here, I hope I have provided you with good advice to organize your wedding in Mauritius.